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How to Find Commercial Truck Parts

Searching for commercial truck parts can be a hassle. How do you know where to look? Commercial vehicles and automobiles are in different classifications and do not receive the same type of exposure.

Turn on the T.V. today and during any hour of the day, you are bound to see a commercial for auto parts store somewhere, whether it be a national brand like “Pepboys” or “O’Reilly’s Auto” or local auto parts store.

Now, depending on their locality and set-up, they may very well carry commercial truck parts or at least have sourcing for them. A lot of these auto parts stores do not stock commercial truck parts, just automobile parts and parts for pick-up trucks.

When was the last time you remember seeing a commercial that was exclusively for truck parts, let alone semi-truck parts, or industrial truck parts. There are plenty of companies that sell parts exclusively for diesel engines, semi-trucks, construction machines and agricultural machines.

Some of these companies may do a local T.V. ad, but I do not recall seeing any commercials on T.V. for companies that sell commercial truck parts. There are even companies that are nationwide with multiple locations, and I do not see commercials for them either.

Recently I did an internet search for “Commercials for Truck Parts” and 7 pages into the search I couldn’t find one ad. I did find lots of links for “Truck Commercials”

One of the most memorable truck commercials in recent years was the Toyota Tundra pulling the NASA space shuttle. It was considered iconic enough that the American version of the show “Top Gear” on their toughest truck show simulated the commercial by towing a commercial airplane around.

Another truck commercial that I think of is a recent Chevy commercial that shows timeline/history of their trucks from the beginning to recent times. Simple, but gets their point across.

Then there are some newer commercials that I had never seen before that are internet released only from what I can tell. Aftermarket Volvo Trucks has 2 interesting commercials.

One of them features action actor Jean-Claude Van Damme standing on the top of the side rear view mirrors of 2 Aftermarket Volvo semi-trucks with trailers. These trucks are being driven in reverse which impressive enough, then they split apart and Mr. Van Damme does the splits between these 2 trucks and holds it.

The other Aftermarket Volvo commercial that caught my attention was labeled “Technician”. Supposedly a Aftermarket Volvo technician had himself buried in the sand with his head sticking above ground. In the background is a Aftermarket Volvo Truck driving around making turns and getting up to speed. As the technician mentions that the truck can do everything it did, and still have enough ground clearance for his head, it comes speeding over him.

Although there are no T.V. commercials for truck parts, or companies that exclusively sell truck parts doesn’t mean they do not exist. You just have to search for them on the internet, or different truck magazines to find what you are looking for.

HDAW ’14: Heavy Duty Truck Parts Convention

January is soon approaching and heavy duty executives know what this means, time to spend a week in Las Vegas!!

HDAW ‘14 is now the last week of January and still being held at the Mirage convention center.

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) is a great place to find truck parts and other truck accessories. You can find anything from headlights, wipers, floor mats and cleaning solutions as well as the wide range of heavy duty truck parts that are available.

Last year, HDAW had over 2100 of industry leaders—CEO’s, Executives, Purchasing managers, etc… attended the event. The website also shows that 604 Independent Heavy Duty Truck parts distributors attended the event and 252 participating suppliers as well.

HDAW is an executive business conference tailored for the independent heavy duty distributor and truck parts suppliers. Various educational seminars are held throughout the week featuring guest speakers for the specific topics. This conference is also ideal for arranging meetings with other company executives that you do business with. Meeting rooms are provided, you just need to register/book these rooms in advance.

One of the events held is the Heavy Duty Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) luncheon. This is an event for HDAW attendees under the age of 45, who are looking to grow their connections in the industry and learn techniques to advance their careers.

The LOT luncheon is a networking-focused luncheon with a brief presentation on topics for career growth and advancement from industry members and experts. Each year this luncheon features a key speaker from the Heavy Duty aftermarket industry.

Another interesting function that is held before HDAW officially kicks off is “SOLD14”—Service Opportunities Learning Day. This event requires its own registration fee, but lasts all day-8 am to 4:30 pm. There will be three separate 60 minute sessions, and two 90 minute sessions with breaks and lunch.

This year’s session of SOLD14 will concentrate on the quickly morphing nature of Heavy Duty Service, Truck Parts Distribution and the business decisions involved. You’ll also get a chance to rub shoulders with other members of the service industry from around the country and exchange ideas in a way that no other venue can provide.

Besides all the educational seminars, networking lunches and one-on-one meetings to keep a person busy, there also booth exhibits. The exhibits are open for 2 days, and exhibitors showcase their new products that are now available as well as their best quality products.

If you are looking for new suppliers for your heavy duty truck parts needs, the HDAW convention is a great opportunity to do just that.

Come visit us January 28th & 29th at booth #314 at HDAW ’14 and see what new products we have and what we expect to have for the upcoming year.

Flywheels Internet Search during the Holidays

Hey everyone, its holiday time again, “Seasons Greetings” to everyone. With the holidays comes lots of craziness, from work to friends & family and is always a hectic time of year.

I was doing some research on diesel flywheels for work, and came up with some possible ideas for x-mas gifts and a handy app for my friends who like to party it up on their time off, who knew!

The first thing that had caught my attention was the “Flywheel App”. I thought it was a bit odd that an app would be created just for engine flywheels. As it turns out, they have nothing to do with them.

This app is supposed to make it easier to request a taxi from an approved list of “Flywheel’s Professional Drivers”. It can be used if you are traveling for work, on vacation, or if you just happen to have a few drinks with some friends at the bar and can’t drive home.

You can do the following:

  • Put in a request for a ride.
  • Make it easier to hail a taxi.
  • Track the progress of your drive, similar to flight tracker on airplanes.
  • Pay for your ride automatically by credit card, through the app.

Another interesting thing I had come across would be a perfect toy for little kids (I would say 6 and under). They are called “Fly Wheels” and are toy wheels that are put on to a launcher and set in motion by pulling a ripcord as hard as you can.

“Fly Wheels” toys:

  • Designed to look like everyday tire & rims.
  • Have conventional automobile tires, thick & wide dragster tires, off-road style tires.
  • Can race up to speeds of “200 Scale mph”
  • Have their own ramp and can jump as high as 30 feet into the air.

For teenagers and slightly older generations that are into longboards (very long skateboards) or street luge, then the Abec 11 Flywheels 90mm downhill wheels would be perfect. Their larger size makes for great drop-through mega-race action or street luge set-ups.

Among one of the more interesting links I had found was a person with the Twitter handle “Flywheels@Flywheels”.

Also, if you are ever on a trip to Kansas there is the “Central Kansas Flywheels Yesteryear Museum” which can be found in Salina, Kansas. They document the history of agriculture throughout the years and how machinery has evolved to help better the quality of life for rural country folk. Sitting on 23 acres of land, there is much to see.

Only with the holidays can a simple internet search for an engine part give me such a vast range of products or topics, besides the one I was searching for.