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Aftermarket Volvo I-Shift flywheels AK21184666 AK-21184666 21184666 ARE HERE!

Aftermarket Volvo I-Shift is a 12-speed, two-pedal, lightweight automated manual transmission (AMT) that delivers an exceptional level of productivity by simultaneously maximizing driver comfort, safety, payload capacity and fuel efficiency. I-Shift is designed to integrate seamlessly with Aftermarket Volvo Power engines.

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Aftermarket Flywheels – Things to Know

All mechanics understand the importance of flywheels when it comes to engines. They have to be strong, sturdy, handle the rigors of everyday hauling, yet remain perfectly balanced to provide their most efficient form of energy.

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Flywheel or Flexplate – What’s in your ride?

Often referred to as being the same thing, flywheels and flexplates have similarities but are indeed quite different.

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SAE & Standards

Have you ever tried to order a flywheel or housing without a part number? Has the salesmen asked you, “Do you know if it’s an SAE #1 or #2?” You may know the answer, you may not, but have you ever thought to yourself what does SAE stand for?

SAE International, formerly known as Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

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Flywheels Internet Search during the Holidays

Hey everyone, its holiday time again, “Seasons Greetings” to everyone. With the holidays comes lots of craziness, from work to friends & family and is always a hectic time of year.
I was doing some research on diesel flywheels for work, and came up with some possible ideas for x-mas gifts and a handy app for my friends who like to party it up on their time off, who knew!

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Flywheels: The Basics

Heavy rotating disks that build up very high mass & are connected to a rotating shaft. They are often used to provide continuous energy in systems where the energy source is not continuous.

Interesting description for something that is very simple, yet often a crucial component to the functionality of an engine or generator.

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