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Aftermarket Flywheels – Things to Know

All mechanics understand the importance of flywheels when it comes to engines. They have to be strong, sturdy, handle the rigors of everyday hauling, yet remain perfectly balanced to provide their most efficient form of energy.

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Finding the Right Repair Shop

Let’s say you are a new start-up company and you have a fleet of heavy duty trucks. You have some experience in the trucking industry, but feel it would be too costly to keep in-house mechanics and maintain your fleet.

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The Love Bug Lives On: A VW Beetle Throwback

This car is a legend. That’s all we have to know. We don’t need numbers and figures to prove the charisma of an icon, we just know. However, the Volkswagen Beetle has so much to say, and they’re not just boring facts, but a cool story to how it became our favourite bug. Maybe that’s why we came to love it in the first place. So why don’t we refresh our memories and take a road trip back to where it all happened, then arrive at why we think it is indeed legendary. Seatbelts?

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How to Find Commercial Truck Parts

Searching for commercial truck parts can be a hassle. How do you know where to look? Commercial vehicles and automobiles are in different classifications and do not receive the same type of exposure.

Turn on the T.V. today and during any hour of the day, you are bound to see a commercial for auto parts store somewhere, whether it be a national brand like “Pepboys” or “O’Reilly’s Auto” or local auto parts store.

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Fleet Maintenance: Your Commercial Truck Part Needs

Your company fleet vehicles, are they starting to put on miles or years? Are they driven in rough road conditions, or smooth highways? Does your company have a separate garage to do in-house maintenance and replacement of your commercial truck parts, or are the vehicles sent to an off-site location trusted for their work?

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