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Accessory Drive Units, AKMI' Product Category
Accessory Drive Units
After Cooling Elements, AKMI' Product Category
After Cooler Elements
Camshafts, AKMI' Product Category
Crankshafts, AKMI' Product Category
Cylinder Blocks and Heads, AKMI' Product Category

Cylinder Heads

EGR Coolers, AKMI' Product Category
EGR Coolers
Exhaust Manifolds, AKMI' Product Category
Exhaust Manifolds
Exhaust Manifolds, AKMI' Product Category
Flywheel Housings
Flywheel Ring Gears, AKMI' Product Category
Flywheel Ring Gears
Flywheels, AKMI' Product Category
Fuel Shutoff Valves & Transfer Pumps, AKMI' Product Category
Fuel Shutoff Valves & Transfer Pumps
Gear Cover and Housing
Gear Cover & Housings
Gears, AKMI' Product Category
Idlers & Tensioners, AKMI' Product Category
Idlers & Tensioners
Oil Cooler Elements, AKMI' Product Category
Oil Cooler Elements
Oil Pans, AKMI' Product Category
Oil Pans
Oil Pumps, AKMI' Product Category
Oil Pumps
Turbo Chargers, AKMI' Product Category
Turbo Chargers
Water Pumps, AKMI' Product Category
Water Pumps
Other Available Parts, AKMI' Product Category
Other Available Parts

The Key Features of AKMI Corporation

AKMI Corporation is an industry leader in aftermarket diesel engine parts for heavy duty trucks around the globe.

AKMI HeadquartersHeadquartered in Hayward, California. AKMI Corporation is an aftermarket heavy duty truck diesel engine spare parts supplier, and manufacturer, offering Flywheels, Exhaust Manifolds, various models of EGR Coolers, Oil Pans, and several other Heavy Duty Truck Parts Worldwide.

akmi team Our Seasoned Team brings over half a Century of Technical Expertise and Product Knowledge in New Aftermarket Diesel Engine Truck Parts including R&D, manufacturing, distribution and International Trade.

leaders in engine truck partsAKMI Corporation is an industry leader as a heavy duty truck parts distributor. The parts we offer are flywheels, water Pumps, oil pans, exhaust manifolds, and other EGR related parts. View or download our supplement catalog for more information.

Important Notice About The AKMI Corporation Website

This website does not replace the Parts Catalog or Service Manuals of the Models or engines listed or any other engine or model referenced. If in doubt, consult your OEM Publications, OEM’s film card system or call your local OEM dealer for further information required. All manufacturer’s names, numbers, and descriptions are used for reference only and do not imply that any of our parts are products of the original equipment manufacturer.