About Us

AKMI Corporation

Located in Hayward, Northern California, serves the diesel power industry with quality diesel engine components, and parts for our customers around the globe. Our staff has over fifty years experience in Heavy Duty Engines including R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution & International Trade.

We have worldwide joint ventures with factories that specialize in diesel engine components for Aftermarket Cummins, Caterpillar, Aftermarket Detroit, Kenworth, Navistar, and Mack engines.

AKMI Corporation is the leader in replacement parts including Accessory Drive Units, After-Cooler Elements, Camshafts, Crankshaft, Cylinder Blocks & Heads, EGR Cooler, EGR Valves, Exhaust Manifolds, Flywheel Housings, Flywheels, Fuel Shutoff Valves & Transfer Pumps, Gear Covers & Housings Idlers & Tensioners, Oil Cooler Elements, Oil Pans, Oil Pumps, Other Available Parts Turbo Chargers, Vibration Dampers, Water Pumps for the heavy-duty industry. We are committed to offering you the finest quality at the most competitive price.

What Makes Us Different

AKMI Corporation is a pioneer in Aftermarket Diesel Engine Parts, for the Aftermarket Heavy Duty Industry. It is a family owned business established in 1981, by Ahmad Ashraf, with 60 years of experience in this field. In 2010 Mr. Ashraf handed over the leadership to his daughter Mitra Ashraf, who has been active in the company for over 17 years.

AKMI is well recognized in the Diesel Engine Spare Parts Industry. We offer a wide range of new aftermarket parts that cover various engine manufacturers, such as, Aftermarket Cummins, Caterpillar, Aftermarket Detroit Diesel, Kenworth, International/Navistar and Mack/Volvo, to name a few.

The hallmarks of AKMI products are world class quality, reliable replacements for original parts and unmatched pricing advantage.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding competitiveness and quality of manufacture of our factories. Further, we cover the globe in shipments to whatever markets need our heavy duty parts.

AKMI also is proud of its engineering knowledge of parts applications to ensure that our customers are getting the correct replacements, with a performance that prevents downtime from deficient components. As examples, our EGR coolers are TIG welded stainless steel tubing assemblies of the correct alloys that offer minimum flow restriction and protection from cracking.

We have never experienced a cracking failure in our coolers. It’s that level of attention to technical detail and manufacturing quality that gives our customers confidence in placing repeat orders for our products.

The full range of our product offerings can be seen on our website akmicorp.com/products/. We invite interested parties to contact inquiry@akmicorp.com for more information.