After Cooler Elements

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After Cooler Elements for Aftermarket Cummins NT855/BC 1 & 2, 6BT, and 6CT

After Cooler Elements information

The aftercooler is an element that has tubes running through the inside of the unit. These tubes have engine coolant flowing through them as part of the coolant system.

The function of the aftercooler element is to cool the intake air that has been heated by the turbocharger during pressurization. This charge air flows over the outside of the tubes, through tightly spaced cooling fins which provide a greater surface area to aid in the transfer of heat.

Due to the extreme heat, these units are subjected to, it is important to periodically check and maintain these units. Tubes can become clogged over time and the ‘air area’ of the cooler can have a ‘sticky build-up’ that insulates the fins and tubes, reducing the cooling efficiency of the unit.