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Crankshaft for Cat 3304
Crankshaft for Cummins B Series
Crankshaft for Cat 3306
Crankshaft for Cummins 6C Forged
Crankshaft for Cummins 6B Forged
Crankshaft for Cummins 4B Forged
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AK-1601799 CAT C15
AK-21671175 Volvo D11
AK-23515598 Detroit S60
AK-23527225 Detroit S60 14.0L
AK-2830476 Cummins ISBe
AK-2W0085 CAT 3208
AK-3064291 Cummins N14
AK-3073707 Cummins M11
AK-3133997 CAT C13
AK-3819989 Cummins L10
AK-3907803 Cummins 4BT
AK-3907804 Cummins 6BT
AK-3917320 Cummins 6CT
AK-4925762 Cummins ISX
AK-4934862 Cummins ISBe
AK-4980462 Cummins ISB
AK-4N7693 CAT 3306
AK-4N7696 CAT 3306
AK-675669-C92 Int’l DT466
AK-6I1453 CAT 3406E/C15
AK-6N8079 CAT 3306

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Crankshafts information

The engine crankshaft main function is to transform the linear motion of the piston into the rotational motion via connecting rods. The crankshaft in mounted within the engine block and rotates within the block, moving the pistons in a pre-set pattern.

A flywheel is often attached to one end of the crankshaft, in order to store rotational energy and maintain a more consistent rotational speed as the crankshaft receives energy from the connecting rods in a series of pulses. This assists in smoothing the power delivery and often in conjunction with a Harmonic damper -attached to the other end of crankshaft- reduces torsional vibration.

Crankshafts secondary function is to transmit power to other engine systems/parts like the oil pump (engine lubrication), water pump (cooling system), air conditioning compressor, alternator, and other items.