Cylinder Blocks

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Cylinder Blocks information

The Cylinder Block – aka Engine Block – is a key component and base of an engine. It contains the cylinders for engine pistons, coolant passages to keep the engine from overheating and oil galleries for lubrication.

The engine crankshaft is mounted at the bottom of the engine block and engine cylinder head is mounted on top of the engine block.

Many other engine parts are also mounted directly to the cylinder block – water pumps, oil pumps, flywheel housings, and many more.

Main Functions of the Cylinder Block:

  • Maintaining engine stability and lubrication under varying engine temperatures and loads.
  • Transferring oil to all parts of the engine so all critical components are properly lubricated via oil galleries and oil pump.
  • Provide engine cooling from the water galleries to maintain a constant optimal operating temperature.

Piston failure can lead to a damaged cylinder block, as these failures typically lead to scarring of the cylinder making the block unusable. Cracked blocks are another failure. When these happen, the cylinder block needs to be replaced, which means rebuilding the entire engine.