EGR Coolers

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EGR Coolers – Not for Sale In California

EGR Coolers information

EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGR Coolers are components that are used to lower the temperature of exhaust gases that are recirculated back into the engine – exhaust air flows from the exhaust manifold through the EGR Cooler, where the antifreeze coolant is waiting to lower the temperature before being circulated back into the engine.

Indications that your EGR Cooler could be failing are

1. White Smoke – this happens when the coolant mixes with the hot exhaust fumes.
2. Low coolant levels – this could be from coolant burning from extreme heat, or a leak in the outer case, and coolant is seeping out.
3. Gooey EGR Valve – coolant leaking into the EGR valve and mixes with the carbon residue creating a sticky and malfunctioning valve
4. Check Engine Light – this will come on if the computer detects a problem like insufficient flow or exhaust

Bad EGR Coolers can lead to exhaust leaks, overheating issues, and increased emissions toxicity.

Not all cases of ‘insufficient cooling’ mean the EGR Cooler is bad – sometimes this just means that the tubes are clogged up with carbon buildup from the engine. In this case, the EGR Cooler can be cleaned and re-used.

Be sure that your EGR cooler is bad before reporting failure, as it can be expensive to replace the entire unit compared to just cleaning and re-installing your current cooler.