Exhaust Manifolds

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Exhaust Manifolds information

Exhaust manifolds are in general a simple part, normally composed of a cast iron material, but can also be produced in stainless steel or aluminum. They have to be able to endure extreme temperatures from the engine.

The manifold is mounted to the cylinder head of an engine and captures the exhaust fumes the engine creates. Some of this air is recirculated back into the engine while the remaining air is filtered through the exhaust system and into the atmosphere.

Some symptoms that your Exhaust Manifold is Bad or Failing:

• Noisy engine exhaust – a hissing or tapping sound from the engine itself.
• Decreased power, acceleration and fuel efficiency
• Burning smell coming from the engine

Exhaust leaks can come from a bad or blown out gasket between the manifold and cylinder head, or cracks or punctures in the manifold itself.