Oil Pumps

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Oil Pumps Information

The oil pump circulates oil throughout the engine’s ‘galleries and passages’ – lubricating engine gears and other ‘metal on metal’ parts, reducing friction and wear.

The Three Basic Types of Oil Pumps

  1. Twin Gear Pumps (also called ‘external pumps) – this type is mounted inside the oil pan, on the bottom of the engine.
  2. Rotor Pumps (also called ‘gerotor’ pumps) – these have an “inner gear” that turns inside an “outside rotor”.
  3. Front Cover Oil Pumps (also called internal/external pumps) – these are located in the front engine cover or gear housing. This is also a rotor style pump with an inner drive gear and outer rotor, but the inner gear is mounted directly on the crankshaft.

Possible Signs That Oil Pump Could Be Bad

  1. Low Oil Pressure: A bad oil pump will not circulate the oil properly, leading to low oil pressure which could lead to engine damage.
  2. High Engine Temperature: Oil helps reduce the friction in parts, which helps keep engine temperature regulated. When oil is not flowing properly, parts do not stay lubricated and the engine begins to heat up.
  3. Noise: Flow of oil is cut-off to the ‘lifters’ – which eventually make noise and wear down, leading to engine damage.