There are many valid arguments to consider a glider kit as a viable option if you are looking to replace your truck.

What is a glider kit

The Glider kits are completely new trucks manufactured with remanufactured mechanical components.

The manufacturer can offer cab, chassis, axle, and suspension.

They can install a remanufactured engine, but the engine would have to be the same year or newer.

Besides the donated parts from an older truck, glider kits include:

  • New cab.
  • Dashboard assembly.
  • New front axle assembly.
  • Front wheels.
  • Many other new commercial truck parts.

As company fleet vehicles get older, the cost of constantly repairing older trucks and replacing the commercial truck parts throughout the year can become expensive.

The cost of purchasing a new truck can influence how long a company tries to continue repairing its aging trucks.

Most popular Glider kits are:

The Detroit Diesel 60 Series and the Caterpillar C13/C15, both of which are EPA 98/04 compliant and do not have EGR or SCR.

These engines are reliable, low maintenance and very economical.

The manufacturers guarantee Glider kits when they install remanufacturer components in the plant.

Now, when the builder is the one who finishes the unit, the different suppliers of the drive train will deliver the corresponding guarantee.

Canada is another country that has a growing sales of Glider trucks, especially in the activity of timber and heavy load transport.

Where each transporter prefers its configuration for its unit.

The era of the Glider has arrived and will extend to other continents.

Here are some advantages of purchasing glider kits:

  1. Completed Glider Kits (purchase price, labor (build), parts) must be 75% or less than the cost of a new vehicle. This also referenced as the “Safe Harbor Rule”.
  2. Gliders can be sold without the 12% Federal Excise Tax, as a minimum of 2 major components supplied by the customer and used in the build. The IRS has hinted that changes to this may occur and you should look into Ruling 91-27 on the IRS website
  3. Full factory backing with all new components, 1 year/100,000 mile warranty is standard, with optional extended warranties. Full engine warranties may vary by engine manufacturer.
  4. New Truck “financing rates” often the can use the value of the older components that are ‘donated’ for the build against the down payment of the purchase of a Glider Kit

glider truck

Are Glider trucks considered new?

During my research, I came across an interesting question.

Are the Glider kits considered “new” or “used”?

Manufacturers certify Glider kits as if they were new, given a new model year & VIN, which are deductible and would depreciate like a new asset.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers “Used”, a truck completed with both new & used commercial truck parts, including new cab (such as a glider kit) must incorporate a used engine, used drivetrain and used rear axle – and at least two of these components must come from the same “donor” truck.

If the build meets these requirements and maintains a “used truck” identity,

then no requires a certification labeling.

Are you tired of constantly repairing your truck and replacing varying commercial truck parts just to keep your rig running?

Then maybe a “Glider Kit Built Truck” is something worth looking into.

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